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A visit to the archaeological site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral is a unique experience, an underground journey through an exceptional site, at the top of the hill, in the heart of Geneva's old town.

One of the most significant sites of its kind north of the Alps, it is presented in several specially equipped spaces within the excavations, using cutting-edge museum technologies. The visit thus begins in the 3rd-century BC and leads up to the construction of the current cathedral in the 12th century.

The space under Saint-Pierre Cathedral contains the remains of the many churches that preceded the current structure: the oldest of these dates from the late 4th century, providing evidence of Geneva's pivotal role in the development of Christianity. Furthermore, the excavations have brought to light traces of pre-Christian occupation of the hill: wells, a grain processing area, a likely ceremonial building and an Allobrogian tomb.

The archaeological site is one of the largest in Europe
Archaeological site
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Archaeological Site of Saint-Pierre Cathedral
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